It is very important for stores to not negligently expose customers to tripping hazards. Such hazards can cause a great deal of harm to customers. For example, such hazards can cause customers to suffer trip-and-fall accidents. Such accidents can result in customers suffering impactful injuries.

Recently, an article on the Louisiana Record's website reported on a case that involves an alleged trip-and-fall accident. The accident allegedly occurred in the parking lot of a store in Metairie.

Reportedly, one day, a woman was walking in the parking lot. According to the woman, a parking stop in the lot was broken and a piece of rebar was sticking out from it. The woman claims that she tripped on this protruding rebar and fell.

The woman has alleged that the store committed negligence in regards to its premises. Specifically, the woman claims that the protruding rebar constituted a dangerous condition and that the store failed to take proper actions to address this condition. According to the woman, this alleged negligence by the store caused her accident.

The woman claims that she suffered a variety of bodily injuries as a result of the accident.

A lawsuit has been brought by the woman in a court in Louisiana in connection to the above allegations.

As the allegations in this case illustrate, premises-related negligence by stores can be very harmful. Thus, one hopes that all stores make sure to avoid committing negligence like that alleged in this case. No customer of a store should have to suffer harm because a store failed to act properly.

Source: The Louisiana Record, "Woman who tripped in Target parking lot suing for permanent disability," Kyle Barnett, Dec. 28, 2012