Head-on auto crashes can cause significant harm to the individuals in the vehicles involved. Sadly, such accidents can sometimes even result in fatalities. This can be seen in a head-on collision that recently occurred in Louisiana.

The accident happened last Saturday in West Monroe, Louisiana. That night, an SUV was going eastbound on Interstate 20.

Reportedly, the SUV then crossed the interstate's median and went onto the interstate's westbound side. The Town Talk article which reported this story did not mention if it is yet known what specifically was behind these movements of the SUV.

The SUV crashed head-on into a car that was travelling west along the interstate. The car the SUV hit had four occupants.

The driver of the SUV and one of the occupants of the car the SUV hit were killed in this motor vehicle collision. The accident also resulted in the other three occupants of the car the SUV hit suffering injuries. These three individuals were transported to a hospital after the crash.

As this crash shows, head-on motor vehicle accidents can sometimes have tragic results.

Thus, it is very important for motor vehicle drivers to take all reasonable steps to prevent head-on collisions when out on the roads. This includes doing everything one reasonably can to remain in control of one's vehicle and avoid interfering with opposing lanes of traffic when driving. It also includes obeying all applicable traffic laws when behind the wheel.

One hopes motorists will do what they can to help keep Louisiana's roads safe.

Source: The Town Talk, "2 Louisianans die in head-on crash on I-20," Nov. 27, 2012

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