Sometimes, motorcycle accidents result in a motorcyclist's death. This can be seen in a motorcycle accident that occurred earlier this week in Louisiana.

The accident happened on Monday near Hammond, Louisiana. That morning, a 49-year-old woman was driving an SUV north along Louisiana 443. Allegedly, the 49-year-old woman then made a left turn in front of a southbound motorcycle that was being operated by a 22-year-old man and a collision occurred between the motorcycle and the SUV.

Reportedly, police believe that inattentive driving may have played a primary role in this motor vehicle accident. According to the Advocate article which reported this story, authorities arrested the 49-year-old woman after the crash. She reportedly faces charges of failure to yield and vehicular homicide in connection to the accident.

The 22-year-old man died as a result of this motor vehicle crash. The 49-year-old woman reportedly did not suffer any injuries in the accident.

As this crash shows, collisions between motorcycles and other motor vehicles can sometimes result in a fatality. Thus, motorcycle accidents can have truly tragic results.

Consequently, it is very important for motor vehicle drivers to take all reasonable steps to prevent motorcycle accidents when behind the wheel. This includes exercising appropriate care when driving in areas where motorcycles are present. It also includes obeying all applicable traffic laws and making sure to not engage in inattentive driving.

No motorcyclist should have to suffer harm or lose his or her life because a motor vehicle driver failed to act properly.

Source: The Advocate, "Motorcyclist, 22, killed in crash near Hammond," Nov. 20, 2012