Motorcyclists generally have little to protect themselves from physical impacts. Thus, collisions between motorcycles and other motor vehicles can be very harmful to motorcyclists.

Recently, a motorcycle accident occurred in Louisiana. The accident happened last Saturday. Reportedly, that morning, a motorcycle was travelling along a road in Marrero, Louisiana. The motorcycle was being operated by a 52-year-old man from Harvey, Louisiana. According to authorities, a collision then occurred between the motorcycle and a car which was making a left turn.

Reportedly, the 52-year-old man suffered serious injuries in this motor vehicle accident (including a broken femur and a broken pelvis). According to the article which reported this story, he died later that day. As of last Sunday, authorities were still in the process of determining whether the injuries the man suffered in this accident were the cause of his death.

The article did not mention whether or not the driver of the above-mentioned car suffered any injuries in this motor vehicle accident.

As this crash illustrates, motorcycle accidents can cause motorcyclists to suffer serious injuries. Thus, motorcycle accidents can be a very harmful type of motor vehicle accident.

Consequently, it is very important for motor vehicle drivers to do everything they reasonably can to prevent motorcycle accidents. This includes watching for motorcycles when driving. It also includes exercising appropriate care when executing maneuvers such as turns. If motor vehicle drivers fail to do these things, they could be putting motorcyclists they share the road with in harm's way.

Source:, "Motorcyclist dies after crash in Marrero," Stephen Babcock, March 18, 2012