If there's one thing most Americans have in common it's our busy lifestyle. Whether you're a working parent, a small business owner, or a college student, chances are you spend most of your days on the move. Small errands such as grocery shopping, going to the bank, or making a quick run to the local superstore for household essentials have to be squeezed in whenever people can find the time in their schedule. As busy shoppers are quickly navigating a store's aisles, they depend on the business owners and staff to ensure that their premise is safe and well-maintained.

A Louisiana woman recently filed a premises liability case against the Kmart Corporation for injuries she suffered during a slip and fall accident in the superstore's Mandeville, Louisiana location. According to the plaintiff's lawsuit, she fell to the ground after slipping on an unmarked puddle of water near the store's cash registers.

The shopper claims that several nearby cashiers had every opportunity to notice the water hazard, yet made no effort to mark the dangerous area. It is the responsibility of a store's owners and their staff to notice such safety risks and act quickly to protect their customers' safety. A water spill may seem like a simple inconvenience but if ignored can cause a serious accident and leave the victim with long-lasting injuries.

The Louisiana woman's claim against Kmart Corporation totals $900,000 dollars. The woman is seeking compensation not only for her medical bills and lost wages but also for the emotional distress and physical scarring she is now forced to live with.

Source: Louisiana Record, "Kmart shopper wants $900,000 after slip and fall accident." Michelle Massey, April 25 2011