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Safe driving vital during Black Friday

Next week, many people will be driving to their favorite stores to take advantage of Black Friday deals. When out doing Black Friday shopping, exercising great care when driving in store parking lots is incredibly important, given the high number of fellow drivers and pedestrians that can be out and about in such parking lots during the Black Friday period. Careless or reckless parking lot driving during the Black Friday period can result in accidents occurring.

recent survey indicates that male drivers may be more likely than female drivers of being the cause of a Black Friday parking lot accident. In the survey, individuals who participate in holiday shopping were asked questions about their driving habits when they are in parking lots. The study found that men had a higher likelihood of hitting other people, vehicles or objects during parking lot driving than women.

Louisiana asbestos wrongful death verdict upheld on appeal

A wrongful death verdict related to a machinery worker who died from asbestos exposure was upheld by a Louisiana appellate court recently. A panel from the state’s First Circuit Court of Appeals voted 2-1 that the victim’s family was entitled to the amount awarded at trial, though the defendant, Entergy Gulf States Louisiana, LLC, claimed that the trial judge really awarded damages for the family’s pain and suffering, which is not compensable in this form of personal injury litigation.

The deceased man died of mesothelioma, a cancer caused by exposure to asbestos, in August 2011, shortly after being diagnosed with the deadly illness. For 20 years, he worked for the defendant, which is also known as the Louisiana Station. One of his duties in that time was to perform regular maintenance on machinery, like boilers, turbines and support pumps, that contained asbestos.

Laundry detergent pods and young children

Certain household products can cause a great deal of harm to young children when such children become exposed to them. It is very important for parents of young children to keep such products in areas their kids cannot get access to and for the manufacturers of such products to take all appropriate steps to keep kids safe. 

Some significant child safety concerns have recently arisen regarding one type of product in particular: all-in-one laundry detergent pods. The concerns are underscored by a recent study. The study looked over incidents in which the country's poison control centers received calls during the time period going from 2012 to 2013. 

Google Glass and a driver's field of vision

One traffic-safety-related question that has come up in recent times is: what impacts does Google Glass have on a person's ability to drive? There are multiple driving safety concerns that arise in relation to this computerized eye wear. In a past post, we discussed a study which indicated that using Google Glass to text while driving can be a significant distraction to a driver. Recently, another study found that simply wearing Google Glass, even without using it for texting or similar purposes, could also have a negative safety implication for a driver.

According to that study, the negative safety implication that could come from simply wearing Google Glass is a reduction in a driver's ability to see everything going on around them.

Safety failings sometimes lead to oil field accidents

Not all work environments are created equal when it comes to how objectively safe they are. Some workplaces have more dangerous conditions present on them than others.

Oil fields are among some of the more dangerous workplaces. Thus, in these work environments, workplace safety is of particularly major importance. It is vital for all parties involved in the operation of oil fields to take all appropriate measures to protect the safety of oil field workers.

Fatal Work Accidents in Louisiana

Work accidents can happen in any occupation, in any state, at any time. Despite efforts to make the workplace as safe as possible, injuries and even death may occur. Many jobs in Louisiana expose workers to extremely dangerous situations and environments daily. It is up to the employer and the individual to minimize the threat by following safety guidelines. Even when guidelines are met by both parties, hazardous environments can cause injury. If an employer fails to comply with safety standards, and is ultimately responsible for the injury or death of an employee, the company is liable for the loss of life. In 2013, there were 114 work accidents causing death in Louisiana. While the specific reasons vary, causes were broken down by five categories:

  • Transportation
  • Falls, slips, and trips.
  • Exposure to harmful substance or environment.
  • Contact with objects or equipment.
  • Violence or injury by people or animals.

U.S. city to require side guards for city-contracted trucks

There are very few vehicle size and strength disparities out on the roads that are bigger than that between large truck and bicycles. Thus, it is of little surprise that truck vs. bicycle collisions often turn out very poorly for bicyclists.

Bicyclists can suffer catastrophic injuries in such accidents that can require quite a bit in the way of resources to get proper care for. This is one of the reasons why receiving just compensation can be so important for a bicyclist when they are hurt in a bicycle vs. truck accident which was caused by another party's negligence.

What things can be a dangerous distraction to drivers?

When behind the wheel, it can be remarkably important for drivers to keep their attention on the task of driving. When a driver becomes distracted while driving, harmful motor vehicle collisions can result.

There are many different things that can be sources of distraction for drivers. We will cover some of the more common ones in this post.

Safety important when pumpkin carving

Our last post was focused on safety issues regarding one of the big staples of Halloween: costumes. Specifically, we talked about things it can be important to do when your costume idea involves using novelty makeup or face paints. 

Today, we will move our safety discussion to another classic Halloween staple: the jack-o'-lantern. Safety is an important thing to focus on when carving a pumpkin to make a jack-o'-lantern. When accidents occur during pumpkin carving, individuals can suffer cuts and other injuries. In 2013, over half (56 percent) of all Halloween-related injuries were pumpkin carving injuries.   

Halloween safety tips for face paints and novelty makeup

Halloween is coming up next week, which for many people means they will soon be donning a costume or helping their kids with their costumes.

Sometimes, a person will wear face paint or novelty makeup as part of their Halloween costume. Unfortunately, there are some circumstances under which such paints and makeup could cause harm to their user. Today, we will go over some safety tips that individuals who will be using face paints or novelty makeup or whose children will be using such products may want to keep in mind.  

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