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Car/booster seats and child passenger safety

For parents, there is no more valuable cargo that they could have in their motor vehicle than their children. Thus, child motor vehicle safety is a remarkably important issue. We are reaching the close of an awareness week that is focused on this issue, Child Passenger Safety Week. This awareness week began on Sunday and ends tomorrow.

For younger children, an important car safety device is a car/booster seat. Unfortunately, there are things that can impair the ability of such seats to protect a child.

Defects in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can be alarming

We tend to view our homes as places of safety. However, certain things can make a home a very unsafe place to be. A couple of examples are if there is a fire or if there is a carbon monoxide leak in the home. When such things occur, being able to quickly be aware of the problem and thus to promptly take proper action in response, such as leaving the home and getting help to fix the problem, is incredibly important. That's why having working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in one's home is so important. These relatively simple devices have the ability to save lives.

Given the vital role such alarms can play in keeping the residents of a home safe, it is essential that such devices contain no defects that impact their ability to perform their intended function. When a smoke or carbon monoxide detector fails to go off when it is supposed to, the results can be tragic.

Overview: Premises liability in Louisiana

Property owners have a responsibility -- a duty of care -- to ensure that people invited onto the property are not subject to unreasonable risk of injury. If you are a customer in a store, for instance, then there is an assumption that you have been invited to be there. Unfortunately, retail stores, restaurants and property owners sometimes fail to ensure that accessible areas are safe, and innocent people suffer injuries.

Under premises liability law in Louisiana, injured parties have a right to hold property owners liable for damages caused by defective or dangerous premises. A property owner is liable for damages if the owner knew about, should have known about or caused the property conditions that resulted in a person's injuries. 

Federal regs prohibit truckers from using cellphone while driving

Taking one's eyes off of the road, even for what is seemingly only a brief moment, can be an incredibly dangerous thing for a driver to do. This is especially true for truckers, given that large commercial trucks tend to require more time and distance to stop, maneuver, etc. Distracted driving by truckers can lead to terrible collisions. Thus, it is important for truckers to steer clear of distracting behaviors, such as cellphone use, while driving.

For commercial truck drivers and other commercial vehicle drivers, avoiding using a cellphone when behind the wheel is not only a wise idea, it is something that is mandated by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations.

Gauging the effects of a limb loss

Accidents involving motor vehicles or large pieces of machinery (such as construction equipment, devices on an oil rig or machines at a manufacturing/industrial plant) can be truly violent ones. Unsurprisingly then, the injuries they can cause can also be quite violent in nature. Sometimes, such accidents will cause a person to lose a leg or an arm.

There are few injuries that can be as traumatic to a person as a loss of a limb. Our arms and legs are not just parts of our body, they play a major role in how we operate in, work in, move through and interact with the world around us. Thus, a person's everyday life can be vastly different following the loss of an arm or a leg.

When is caution needed during the insurance claims process?

The time following a motor vehicle crash can be a very confusing and chaotic one for a person. There are many different processes a person may find themselves in following such an accident, including the insurance claims process. What happens during this process can have major impacts on the level of compensation a person receives for injuries and losses they suffered in the crash.

Thus, it can be important for individuals to approach this process with the appropriate level of care. When dealing with the insurance company during this process, one potential pitfall a person may fall into is thinking that their insurance company solely has their best interests at heart and thus that simply following whatever the insurance company says, requests or recommends will be for the best. However, insurance companies sometimes have a very different motive behind their actions, a desire to minimize payouts.

Grill safely this Labor Day weekend

Labor Day weekend is upon us. For many, this holiday weekend represents the last chance for some summer fun. It is likely that quite a few people here in Louisiana will be breaking out the grill over the weekend for a cookout. For some, their grill of choice is a gas grill.

One thing it is vital for individuals to never lose sight of when using a gas grill is the importance of safe grilling. Accidents involving gas grills can cause fires and excruciatingly painful burn injuries. 

Proving liability when accidents happen on the property of others

Generally, a person spends a great deal of his or her life on property owned by someone other than himself/herself. Thus, an individual's safety is often greatly dependent on how careful and responsible property owners are. Dangerous conditions on the property of others can cause you to suffer injuries of a life-altering nature.

Our firm has a strong dedication to helping Louisianans who have had their lives changed by accidents that occurred on the property of others. We can analyze such accidents, investigate what the cause was, provide clients with guidance regarding the legal options that are available and help clients navigate legal proceedings.

Be safe when driving the kids to school

School is just around the corner for many kids here in Louisiana. For parents, the start of their kids' school year brings about many things. For some, it brings about daily drives to the school to drop off and pick up their kids and perhaps some of their kids friends. When carrying such precious cargo, it is vital for parents to engage in safe driving. Today, we will discuss some safety tips for parents regarding driving the kids to school.

The first is to check to see if the car is in proper condition prior to heading out to the school. Mechanical problems or a vehicle not having the proper equipment to deal with possible weather conditions could make trips to and from a school much more dangerous than they need to be.

Hotel accused of causing patrons to get sick

For many, traveling involves staying at a hotel. After arriving at one's hotel following a busy day of traveling, doing tourist activities, doing out-of-town business or participating in an out-of-town event, one activity that many Louisianans partake in is to spend some time relaxing in a hotel pool or hot tub.

It is vital for hotels to keep all parts of their premises, including their pools and hot tubs, free of safety hazards. One of the most insidious types of safety hazards at hotels are those that customers cannot see and thus really could take no action to defend themselves against. In the context of hotel hot tubs and pools, one invisible safety hazard that can sometimes arise is contaminated water.

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