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What things can be a dangerous distraction to drivers?

When behind the wheel, it can be remarkably important for drivers to keep their attention on the task of driving. When a driver becomes distracted while driving, harmful motor vehicle collisions can result.

There are many different things that can be sources of distraction for drivers. We will cover some of the more common ones in this post.

Safety important when pumpkin carving

Our last post was focused on safety issues regarding one of the big staples of Halloween: costumes. Specifically, we talked about things it can be important to do when your costume idea involves using novelty makeup or face paints. 

Today, we will move our safety discussion to another classic Halloween staple: the jack-o'-lantern. Safety is an important thing to focus on when carving a pumpkin to make a jack-o'-lantern. When accidents occur during pumpkin carving, individuals can suffer cuts and other injuries. In 2013, over half (56 percent) of all Halloween-related injuries were pumpkin carving injuries.   

Halloween safety tips for face paints and novelty makeup

Halloween is coming up next week, which for many people means they will soon be donning a costume or helping their kids with their costumes.

Sometimes, a person will wear face paint or novelty makeup as part of their Halloween costume. Unfortunately, there are some circumstances under which such paints and makeup could cause harm to their user. Today, we will go over some safety tips that individuals who will be using face paints or novelty makeup or whose children will be using such products may want to keep in mind.  

Falls among seniors sometimes result in hip fractures

One group of people for whom falling accidents can be particularly devastating is the elderly. There are many different types of severe injuries senior citizens can suffer in such accidents. One such injury are hip fractures.

Falls are by far the most common cause of hip fractures. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falls are behind over 95 percent of such fractures.

Louisiana car accidents sometimes caused by unsafe roads

When it comes to causes of auto accidents, much of the societal focus is on the conduct of drivers. However, driver conduct is not the only thing that impacts traffic safety. For example, sometimes, car accidents come about due to a dangerous road.

Ideally, all roads in Louisiana would be safe. Unfortunately, reality sometimes doesn't match this ideal; some roads have dangerous conditions. There are many different things that can make a road unsafe.

Driving can be affected by certain over-the-counter meds

People tend to view over-the-counter drugs as being fairly innocuous types of medications. After all, if a medication doesn't require a prescription, how much trouble could it really cause?

However, there are certain instances in which failing to pay proper attention to the effects of a nonprescription drug could cause a good deal of harm.

Do changes need to be made regarding window blinds?

Homes here in America generally have products of all different sorts in them. For any product for home use, it is vital that the product is safe and does not pose dangers to home occupants, particularly a home’s youngest occupants. When a child comes into contact with a dangerous product, truly tragic events can ensue.

Some serious child safety questions have arisen regarding a product that is incredibly common in homes in Louisiana and throughout the country: window blinds. Window blinds are probably not the type of product one would think of when thinking about what products would be potential safety risks in the home. However, some incredibly sad accidents have occurred regarding window blinds that have one particular feature: cords.

Who can be eligible for recovery under the Jones Act?

When a person is hurt by the negligence of another while aboard a commercial aquatic vessel, special laws may apply regarding what their potential recovery options are. For example, under certain circumstances, an injured individual may be able to receive compensation through a lawsuit done under the Jones Act, a federal law. There are several requirements a person must meet to be eligible for recovery under the Jones Act. We will go over some (though not all) of these requirements in today's post.

For one, the injuries a person suffered must have happened aboard a navigable vessel. Typically, any vessel that is capable of aquatic transportation falls under the definition of a navigable vessel. One notable thing that generally does not qualify as a navigable vessel are fixed structures out on the water, such as fixed oil rigs.

The aftermath of a t-bone accident

One moment you are legally going through an intersection, minding your own business. The next, the side of your car is struck by the front of a vehicle that entered the intersection when it wasn't supposed to (perhaps in disregard of a stop sign or stop light).

This is something far too many individuals in Louisiana have had to experience. These sorts of traffic crashes are referred to as t-bone accidents.

Google Glass: the new form of distracted driving?

Texting is an incredibly popular form of communication in our world. The most common device used for texting is the cellphone. While sending text messages using a handheld phone can be incredibly convenient, there are certain times when it simply shouldn't be done. One of these times is when an individual is driving. The distracted driving dangers of texting while driving are well-known; 44 states prohibit texting when behind the wheel. People can end up getting significantly hurt when drivers fall to the temptation to text and drive.

As technology has developed, new ways to send text messages have arisen. For example, texting can be done through Google Glass, one of the forms of wearable computer technology that has come up in recent years. The texting process for Google Glass is hands-free. A natural question that arises given the texting capabilities of this computerized eyewear is: does texting using Google Glass create a dangerous distraction for drivers?

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