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What makes motorcycle accidents different

There are many ways in which motorcycle accidents are different from other motor vehicle accidents.

One difference regards the types of things individuals can do to try to reduce the amount of harm they are exposed to if such an accident were to occur. For many motor vehicles, one of the main potential harm reduction actions an occupant can take is to make sure to wear a seat belt. However, for those who are operating or being a passenger of a motorcycle, the main available method is instead wearing a helmet.   

Preventing Christmas trees from becoming giant torches

This time of year, many individuals are decorating their homes for the holidays. For many individuals, their home decorations for the holidays will include a Christmas tree.

This holiday staple can be a great source of holiday cheer in a home. Unfortunately, if proper care isn't taken, a Christmas tree can also be a dangerous fire hazard. A Christmas tree catching on fire could rather quickly lead to a significant home fire which could result in family members or guests suffering severe burn injuries. Thus, taking appropriate fire prevention steps can be very important for homeowners when it comes to Christmas trees in the home.  

The debate over the 34-hour restart provision

The federal government has a variety of different safety regulations that apply to the trucking industry. One such set of regulations are the Hours of Service regulations. These rules regulate things such as how long truck drivers are allowed to be on-duty and behind the wheel. Given that these rules touch on some fairly fundamental issues, what specific terms these rules have can have some significant safety impacts.

One provision of these rules has drawn a fair amount of controversy lately. This is the current 34-hour restart provision. This provision regards how much time has to elapse for a trucker's week to be reset for the purposes of the driving-hours-per-week limits. Under the provision, for such a reset to occur, a trucker must be off-duty for at least 34 consecutive hours, with the time period covering at least two night periods (periods going from 1 a.m. to 5 a.m.).

Worker's legs amputated in accident on Thanksgiving

Last week, on Thanksgiving, many people throughout the state of Louisiana sat down to enjoy a meal with friends and family. These meals are in part possible because quite a few people are given one or two days off from their job during the week. Unfortunately not everyone is that lucky and some individuals are required to work on the holiday. For one man who was at his job that day, the day got much worse when he was involved in a workplace accident.

Kick scooters and child safety

One incredibly common Christmas gift for children are toys. Thus, this time of year, many parents in Louisiana are trying to decide what sorts of toys to get their kids as Christmas presents. There are all different sorts of things parents generally factor in when making such decisions, such as what is on their child's Christmas list, what sorts of toys they are okay with their child having and what the family's budget is.

One thing that it is important for parents to not forget to factor in when it comes to such decisions is safety. Making sure that the toys they get their kids are age-appropriate and giving their kids, when necessary, appropriate safety rules regarding the use of the toys they give them are a couple of examples of important safety steps parents can take when it comes to toys.  

Should Louisiana consider having a teen driver decal requirement?

While there has been progress on this front in the past couple of decades, there is still a lot of work to be done when it comes to reducing teen car accidents here in America. Far too many U.S. teens become disabled or lose their lives due to accidents out on the roads.

There are many different parties that can play a role in preventing teen driving accidents. One, of course, are teen drivers themselves. It is vital for teens to be aware of how impactful their actions out on the roads can be and to always act responsibly when driving.

When car passengers are hurt in an accident

When a person is a passenger of a car, they likely feel pretty safe, particularly if they have a great deal of trust in the driver. After all, car cabins are generally a fairly comfortable environment, particularly with all the amenities and conveniences modern car cabins have. In such a comfortable environment, the thought of injury may be about as far from a car passenger's mind as it could be.

When a car accident occurs, this feeling of safety can disappear in an instant for a passenger, to be replaced by a feeling of utter helplessness.

What things can be done to prevent Thanksgiving kitchen fires?

Food tends to be a major part of the Thanksgiving holiday. Consequently, next week, there will likely be many Louisianans who will be spending a good deal of time in the kitchen cooking and preparing food for the holiday. Thus, this time of year, kitchen safety is very important. One important aspect of kitchen safety is fire prevention. Kitchen fires can cause significant property damage and can leave individuals with severe burns and other injuries.

Safe driving vital during Black Friday

Next week, many people will be driving to their favorite stores to take advantage of Black Friday deals. When out doing Black Friday shopping, exercising great care when driving in store parking lots is incredibly important, given the high number of fellow drivers and pedestrians that can be out and about in such parking lots during the Black Friday period. Careless or reckless parking lot driving during the Black Friday period can result in accidents occurring.

recent survey indicates that male drivers may be more likely than female drivers of being the cause of a Black Friday parking lot accident. In the survey, individuals who participate in holiday shopping were asked questions about their driving habits when they are in parking lots. The study found that men had a higher likelihood of hitting other people, vehicles or objects during parking lot driving than women.

Louisiana asbestos wrongful death verdict upheld on appeal

A wrongful death verdict related to a machinery worker who died from asbestos exposure was upheld by a Louisiana appellate court recently. A panel from the state’s First Circuit Court of Appeals voted 2-1 that the victim’s family was entitled to the amount awarded at trial, though the defendant, Entergy Gulf States Louisiana, LLC, claimed that the trial judge really awarded damages for the family’s pain and suffering, which is not compensable in this form of personal injury litigation.

The deceased man died of mesothelioma, a cancer caused by exposure to asbestos, in August 2011, shortly after being diagnosed with the deadly illness. For 20 years, he worked for the defendant, which is also known as the Louisiana Station. One of his duties in that time was to perform regular maintenance on machinery, like boilers, turbines and support pumps, that contained asbestos.

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